Take island life to another level with a journey to the Lowcountry and the Caribbean at once. Each batch of this West Indies style rum is steeped with Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee beans for a bright, bold espresso flavor with a creamy finish. Sure to delight coffee lovers and dessert lovers alike, Mountain Peak Espresso Rum invigorates the senses and excites the palate.

Tasting Notes:

Warm, earthy notes of fresh cream on the nose; bright, bold espresso flavor on the palette; and a smooth, sweet, and creamy finish.


  • 80 Proof
  • Handcrafted in small batches and copper pot distilled
  • Espresso flavor from real Blue Mountain coffee beans, some of the rarest and most sought after beans in the world
  • 100% all natural molasses
  • Made with pure alkaline water sourced from the clouds of Hilton Head for unbeatable smoothness and incredibly low astringency

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