An Elevated Drinking Experience



That are rooted in tradition

At Hilton Head Distillery, we believe in crafting new experiences that are adventurous, indulgent and rooted in tradition. Using a combination of age-old distillation techniques and modern technology, we patiently craft our spirits the only way we know how: by hand, and in small batches. We approach every batch with a sense of respect for the traditions that came before us, as well as a thirst for creation and innovation in the name of progress. Each of our spirits has a unique personality that brings a nostalgic feel, yet fresh perspective to the cocktail table.

Our craft is our adventure – a never-ending exploration of the senses, and a journey across infinite possibilities. We hope you join us on a voyage into a new and improved drinking experience!

from mountains to coast

our roots run deep

As a family-owned craft spirits company that’s passionate about telling spirited stories, our inspiration comes from all of South Carolina, not just the Lowcountry. Our sister distillery in Greenville pulls inspiration from the more dark and mysterious part of our state: The Dark Corner Mountains.

always moving forward

what drives us?


We cherish our people and believe that the best moments are made when we’re together.


We foster the sharing of stories – old and new – in a unique setting that is fun, engaging, and relaxing.


We take pride in our craft and strive to always deliver an exceptional drinking experience.